" During our vacation, we spent well over 30 hours in the car and for the first time ever, our kids handled the long drive like champs! To make it easier on the girls, we spent most of our time on the road at night while they slept. With the Headsy Child Head Supports, they were both able to sleep comfortably and soundly! I own a family travel website and I also write product & venue reviews for several other magazines. I generally do not write reviews for products that I purchase, however I loved our Headsy so much that I am happy to do so! "


" Finally I found something that actually worked for my daughter. We're driving long distant a lot and my daughter usually falls asleep in the car. Her head always falls down and even after I tried another kinds of head support, it still didn't work. But with this one, it worked great, her head didn't move at all for the entire 2 hours drive out of town. It's really soft and comfortable for her. She loves it! "


" I was skeptical about spending $23 on this product, but IT'S WORTH EVERY PENNY! We went on vacation last month and it was a 10 hr drive. This was a blessing. His head and neck had support and it wasn't bobbing all over the place. His head even has support with out the strap. Usually his naps in the vehicle only last 30 min, with proper head support it lasted almost 2 hrs. He was a happy camper and I was a happy mommy. It's still attached to the car seat and I don't have to worry about his neck or head if he falls asleep while I am driving. Thanks Headsy Child Head Support ! "